D-Day Juno Beach 6-Juno-44

D-Day Juno Beach 6-Juno-44

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Do something special today. Why? because you can.

Juno Beach June 6 1944

We owe these guys everything. Everything.

Think of 9/11 and the terror and panic in your heart. Imagine that lasting close to 5 years. They were up against pure evil. Thrown back into the sea as they had been once before at Dieppe, the war would be lost and the world would live under tyranny: life dictated from Berlin. Imagine life today dictated by Islamic fundamentalists. Think of the Taliban.

Ever been a victim of road rage. How you shake, struggle to think and reality slips to the surreal? That's only road rage. Imagine someone actually trying to kill you. What would you do? Stand or succumb? Our Canadians chose to stand.

Share a warm summer afternoon with your grandfather. Listen to him. We owe these guys everything. Everything